Crowdfunding+charities+subscription boxes=WIN!

What is Charity Crate?

Why Charity Crate? 

In the United States alone there are over 1.5 million registered non-profits, and that number is growing every year. That's an overwhelming amount. And unfortunately, while all of these charities support great causes and do a tremendous amount of good, many remain small and unrecognized. These charities and non-profits live and die by the generous amount of donations they receive each year, and for many, it isn't enough.

Charity Crate aims to help solve that problem by combining the popular subscription box model and the power of social media. Each month, our subscribers send meaningful donations to deserving charities while simultaneously increasing those organizations online exposure to make giving fun and exciting! 

How Does Charity Crate Work?  

Each month, Charity Crate teams with deserving non-profits to create our Charity Crates crammed with fun goodies and detailed information about each organization.

Then, at the end of the month we transparently send a full 60% your subscriber fees directly to the charity in one massive donation where it can do the most good. 

It's as simple as that. Pick your cause. You give. They get. You receive . 

The Benefits Of Giving With Charity Crate

The benefits of subscribing to Charity Crate are manifold.

As a subscriber, you can feel excited knowing each month you are helping to support a great new cause that's important to you. And you can look forward to receiving your Charity Crate full of great charity swag supporting that cause. 

Our partnered charities can also look forward to a large and crucial donation. But just as important, your donation is magnified through the sharing of your Charity Crate on social media where each charity and their cause gains critical exposure thousands of times over through the gained likes and shares of our subscribers posts.

And that kind of help is priceless. 

Our Mission

At Charity Crate, we want to change the donation game. 

Our goal is simple. To make the simple act of giving fun and exciting!