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Charity Crate FAQ

1. How do you find your charities?

There are numerous ways we find the charities we work with. Sometimes we reach out to them and other times they us. That said, we know not all charities are created equal so we make sure to do our due diligence to vet each one to ensure our subscribers vital donations don't go to waste and can create the maximum amount of good.

2. What kind of charities and nonprofits does Charity Crate work with?

Every month our partner charity changes so you can expect a wide variety of different causes and organizations to discover when you subscribe. This gives us the greatest flexibility to work with all types of deserving charities who do amazing things regardless of type.

3. What exactly comes in a Charity Crate? 

Good question! Each charity crate comes packed with value. Each month's box will support a new charity related to the cause you signed up to support. In each crate you will receive a t-shirt for that month's charity, custom high quality stickers, assorted promotional products and swag from your charity along with information on each organization with regards to their mission so you can learn more about the amazing work they do!

And do not forget the $10.00 donation that comes with each Charity Crate! A large part of our product's value is what you give with each purchase. Of course, we think the box itself isn't too shabby. It's just the right size to store collectibles, office supplies, or better yet, to reuse for boxing up birthday presents. ;) 

4. Why should I donate with Charity Crate when I can just give 100% of my money to a charity of my own choosing?

If you have a particular cause you feel strongly about, then by all means we encourage you to give as much as you can as often as you can to it. But at Charity Crate we believe we create additional value with our service. In addition to each crate's $10.00 donation, our customers receive a package each month with a charity t-shirt full, custom stickers, fun charity swag and information on each new organization. That's a lot of value! 

An additional benefit of subscribing to Charity Crate is to expose yourself to great new causes you may never have heard of before. Our service is a great way for our members to spread their help around and multiply their generosity. Who knows, this month's new cause may end up becoming the one that steals your heart.

And we think when you add everything up, the value created here is well worth the price of admission.

5. Do you work with political organizations or any other "controversial" causes?


At Charity Crate, we know there are numerous organizations out there who may, or may not, operate opposite to some of our subscribers beliefs. We believe that if you feel strongly about a certain cause then by all means reach out to them and give them your full support. But at Charity Crate, political organization isn't one of our mission goals, and as such there are certain entities we will respectfully leave alone.

6. Can I claim my monthly subscription as tax deductible?

Sadly, no. In Publication 526 Cat No. 15050A of the IRS tax code under qualified organization it states, "Qualified organizations include nonprofit groups that are religious,charitable, educational, scientific, or literary inpurpose, or that work to prevent cruelty to children or animals."Charity Crate is not a nonprofit therefore your subscription fees cannot be counted as a tax deductible donation. 

7. Does Charity Crate claim tax deductions on the donations they make as a company?

Yes. Since subscriber memberships are counted as business revenue we can claim our donations as taxable deductions. Doing so helps us keep our operating costs down and helps Charity Crate in business so we can keep helping charities in need. 

8. Why is only $10.00 of my subscription donated to a charity?

We have worked hard to create a business model that allows us to give the maximum amount of our subscribers monthly fees to the charities we team up with each month. However as a business, we have certain set costs we need to meet in order to keep the lights on. If we cannot keep the lights on, then all these deserving charities will receive 0% of 0 donations raised once we are gone. We don't think that helps anybody in the end.

Additionally, our goal at Charity Crate is to operate in such a way that we can work to maximize the amount of good we can do each month. Many larger and well known charitable organizations operate with such overhead that there is a large discrepancy between what they spend versus what is donated.    

9. If I sign up for the Sticker Subscription Club, about how much is donated to charity? 

50% of your subscription is donated with the Sticker Subscription Club. And since it is only $8.00 a month to subscribe, that equals $4.00 donated back. 

10. Is Charity Crate a non-profit organization itself?

No. We are a for profit organization. At least currently. :)

11. Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes of course you may. Simply login to your account and cancel your subscription. 

11. When is your sign up cutoff date? 

We are always taking signs ups for new subscribers, but our cutoff date for monthly orders occurs ends on the last day of each month to give us time to process and package orders to ship on the 15th of the next month. Which means at the end of the month we tally up our orders and begin the process of boxing orders. And we aim to ship so that orders are delivered by the 20th of each month. 

For example, if Amy was to sign up for Charity Crate on the 10th of November, she should expect to will receive her first crate December 20th. 

However, if Caesar was to sign up on for his Charity Crate on December 1st, he will not expect to receive his crate until January 20th. 

13. When does my Charity Crate ship? 

We are currently set up to ship our crates on the 15th of each month, which means you can expect your box around the 20th of each month.  

14. Why does it cost more to subscribe for an 2XL and up crate? 

Because larger shirts are more expensive to produce, subscriptions with 2XL and up t-shirts cost more to offset the costs of printing. 

15. Does Charity Crate share my information with the monthly charities and nonprofits? 

No. At Charity Crate we value your privacy and therefore the organizations we partner up with will never get your email or home addresses. 

16. Does Charity Crate work with any other subscription box based business?

We are our own business entity.

17. If I am a non-profit or charity who would like to partner with Charity Crate, what do I need to do to get started?

Please visit our contact page or fill out our charity application form. Once received, we will be in contact with you as soon as we can. ;)

18. What does Charity Crate look for in the organizations it works with?

There is no one thing in particular we look for as we like to expose our subscribers to a wide array of charities each month. A consistent quality we look for is a strong mission statement and established history of work to make sure each donation we make will go towards creating the most amount of good. While we like to shine our light on underexposed charities, size is not a prerequisite.

Being a subscription box based company, it is important the charities we partner with already have marketing materials we can send out. In the future we would like to work with smaller organizations to help create products they may not have on hand fill a Charity Crate.

19. Do you have a refund policy? 

Yes. You have 30 days from the time of purchase to ask for a refund. For more details, please read the full text of our refund policy