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There are over 1.5 million charities in the US and every one is in need of your help and generosity.

Most are never heard of. Yet they work tirelessly to support sick children, protect endangered animals or care for the environment with little recognition and never enough support. 

At Charity Crate we help partner extraordinary charities with the caring people who love to help, but may never cross paths. We want to make the simple act of giving a fun and social experience that people actually look look forward to month after month after month.

Every one of our lovingly crafted Charity Crates features a new charity every month. Feel good knowing you helped support the environment one month and children in need the next. Each Charity Crate comes packed with value that includes a t-shirt, stickers, fun charity swag, information and a $10.00 donation of support for that month's cause! 

Or, sign up for our Sticker Subscription Club that gives everybody the chance to send a small amount of help back in a big way! 

No matter which option you choose, Charity Crate allows you to give help and get back in a fun and social way! #ChangeCharity