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Support new charities every month for the causes you are passionate about. Crowdfunding, for charities!

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At Charity Crate we know there are millions of amazing causes in the world that live and die by donations, but often get lost in the shuffle.  

Our goal is a simple one. To help those causes by making the simple act of charity an exciting and sociable experience by combining the power of crowdunding with subscription boxes

Every month we partner with new charities to create our special Charity Crates. Each one comes with a t-shirt, fun charity swag, plus a $15.00 pledge to help support that month's organization! Give and get back! 

Discover deserving charities. Support them. Get great stuff. Feel good. Spread awareness. 



Each month, members receive a crate with a t-shirt, fun charity swag, and information about an exciting new cause of their choosing. 


A full 60% of each monthly subscription goes straight to the charity in one massive donation. 


Members share their Charity Crates on social media to help create 1,000s of impressions for each amazing cause. 


Feel good knowing your crate helps and promotes awareness for a new cause each month. #ChangeCharity! 

Choose you cause

Help support child, environmental, or animal focused charities.

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Receive your crate

Each month you'll receive your Charity Crate full of great charity swag and information on a great new charity.

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Enjoy and share

Feel good knowing 60% of your monthly subscription goes straight to charity. Then share with friends and family to help further spread awareness.

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