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There are over 1.5 million charities in the United States that need your help


At Charity Crate, we know there are millions of amazing causes in the world that live and die by donations, but often get lost in the shuffle. And caring people want to help, but often feel pressured and overwhelmed by all the hoops and hassle. 

So, our goal was a simple one. To make charity a fun and social experience through the popular appeal of subscription boxes and help deserving charities in need. 

Every month, we partner with a new charity to create our special Charity Crates that come packed with a t-shirt, fun charity swag, and a $10.00 donation to support each cause! 

When you subscribe to Charity Crate you can feel good knowing you are helping to support and discover the smaller charities who need it the most. Month after month, our subscribers work together to spread awareness and send a massive amount of aid that can change the world. One crate at a time. 


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Each month, receive a crate with a t-shirt, stickers, fun charity swag, and information about a deserving new charity. 


$10.00 of your Charity Crate is donated back to that month's featured charity to help support their work! 


Members share their Charity Crates on social media to help spread social awareness for each cause! 


Feel good when, you discover amazing causes every month that you helped to support!


Research has shown, that nobody gives more to charity than millennials

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Each month you'll receive a Charity Crate that comes with a t-shirt, stickers, fun charity swag, information and a $10.00 donation towards a great new cause.

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